Saturday 06 Apr, 2019

Starting at 9:00am


ul. L'va Tolstogo, 16, Moscow, Russia, +79163698313       119021

Digital God

DigitalGod is an educational platform aimed for those whose work involves analyzing a large amount of data from multiple sources.

We consider that specialists are required to independently extract the valuable business-related insights from data, without wasting time preparing tasks for the analytics department. To make this happen we teach the most universal skill – programming.

We focus on practical knowledge and maximum engagement regarding the tasks you confront at your job. Two practicians give lectures:

Dmitry Rodin – a developer with 15 years of experience, ten of which are in the field of marketing technologies.

Alexey Kulichevsky – a marketer and analyst who has been in the marketing field for many years, contributing to it with know-how and right values.

We are not trying to make you a programmer, instead we improve the skills in your core profession, giving knowledge that helps automate part of your tasks:

– learn to independently obtain the essential data from the API services;

– write them into ClickHouse or another DBMS;

– extract important and correctly interpreted data;

– create your own micro-services to perform the scheduled tasks.